Considerations When Choosing Single Bedroom Accommodation

25 May 2022
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Single bedroom accommodation suits people on a budget or those on solo trips. However, choosing an appropriate accommodation can be pretty challenging. Below is a guide with insights on selecting a single bedroom accommodation.  Consider Hotels and Motels  There are several reasons to consider hotels and motels when choosing single bedroom accommodation. First, these facilities serve meals. Therefore, you avoid the hassles of cooking or looking for a restaurant after a long day. Read More 

Two Tips for People Staying in Holiday Parks for the First Time

22 October 2020
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If you've decided to stay in a holiday park instead of a hotel during your next holiday and you've never used these type of lodgings before, here are a few tips you should make a note of. If you're building a campfire or using a barbecue, do so responsibly Most holiday parks are laid out in such a way that their cabins or campervans are positioned in long rows, with a gap of perhaps a few metres between each one. Read More 

Motel Accommodation Services

16 April 2018
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Motels offer a wide range of services and facilities that are meant to meet customer requirements and also create a good image of the motel, while at the same time building good customer relationships. The level of services that a motel offers is what differentiates it from other hotels. While on travel, it is advisable to look for a motel that will offer you space for relaxation after or in preparation for a long journey. Read More 

Two Situations in Which It’s a Good Idea to Stay in a Motel During Your Holiday

26 October 2017
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It's not always easy to decide if you should book an expensive hotel or a more affordable motel during a holiday. Here are two situations in which it might be best to opt for the latter. You want plenty of spending money for your holiday activities As a general rule of thumb, motels are less expensive than hotels. As such, if you don't have an unlimited budget for your holiday, it may be wiser to opt for motel accommodation. Read More 

4 Benefits of Staying in a Holiday Park

20 October 2017
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If you are planning your next family vacation, you may not have considered booking yourself into a holiday park. Holiday parks are becoming an increasingly popular choice for Australian families as they offer a range of benefits over more traditional vacation accommodation. Below is a guide to 4 benefits of booking accommodation in a holiday park. Lots of activities for the kids One of the biggest challenges faced by parents on holiday is keeping their children occupied and happy. Read More